AIESEC in Clombia 2012 Snapshot

Today the last day of 2012 we are very proud of AIESEC in Colombia for the hard work we have done every day, every volunteer and every entity of out Country.

1. ELD Programs Performance

Regarding Team Experiences we grew 11% in TMP and 30% in TLP, Congratulations to AIESEC EAFIT our TOP provider in 2012  of TMP experiences followed by AIESEC Javeriana and AIESEC Andes. Also Congratulations AIESEC Uninorte our TOP provider of TLP in 2012 next to AIESEC EIA and AIESEC EAFIT. Overall both experiences AIESEC EAFIT left and massive 573 of Team Experiences in 2012, Congratulations.

On GCDP Program this year show us incredible surprises, we grew 155% in IGCDP and  54% in OGCDP, both programs were the TOP absolute growth performers in 2012. in IGCDP undoubtedly AIESEC Uninorte was our main player and provider in 2012, congratulations, it was really well done; next to Uninorte are AIESEC Rosario and AIESEC Andes, both with a massive absolute growth in 2012. On the other hand, OGCDP AIESEC Uninorte was as well the TOP performer, Cogratulations. followed by AIESEC EAFIT and AIESEC Andes.

On GIP Program we still have a long way to go, however we grew as well in this program 29% in IGIP and 19% in OGIP. AIESEC Uninorte was out TOP provider in IGIP experiences, together with AIESEC Manizales and AIESEC EAN, Congratulations to all of them.  In OGIP we had an incredible draw between AIESEC EAFIT and AIESEC Uninorte, being both the TOP Providers in 2012, next to AIESEC Manizales and AIESEC Javeriana.

In the total of Exchanges delivered this year we set new records and this is fo long the most successful year of AIESEC in Colombia so far in terms of Exchanges. For the first time we have an entity who crossed the border of 300 exhanges, of course AIESEC Uninorte is the TOP provider of exchanges in absolute numbers this year, Congratulations. Besides, there are other awesome marks,  AIESEC Tolima, AIESEC Rosario, AIESEC EIA and AIESEC ANDES for the first time deliver more than 100 exchanges and AIESEC EAFIT was really close to the 200, Congratulations to all of you. In relative growth there is an LC who made a terrific milestone, AIESEC Andes grew 253% in the total of exchanges and AIESEC Javeriana achieved 119% growth. Special recognition also to AIESEC Bucaramanga and AIESEC Cali who grew more than 90%.

In the total of Experiences provided the entity who deliver the most during this 2012 was AIESEC EAFIT with 747 XPs delivered! being the TOP entity who contributed the biggest amount toward AIESEC 2015, Congratulations. Also a huge round of applause to AIESEC Uninorte and AIESEC And

es for provide the second and third biggest contribution in the year, Congratulations.




2. Expansion.

The other big milestone towards AIESEC 2015 was the expansion process. During this 2012 we didn’t grow in the number os LCs however we had a blast in the number of Official Expansions and Interest Groups achieving 150% and 700%, it means, we finish this year with a total of 29 entities compared with 2011 which was 19, we grew 53% in the number of entities. Congratulations to all our new Entities AIESEC Armenia, AIESEC UGC, AIESEC Central, AIESEC Tunja, AIESEC Pasto, AIESEC Sincelejo, AIESEC Monteria, AIESEC Cucuta, AIESEC Neiva and AIESEC Javeriana Cali.



3. AIESEC 2015.

As much as we tried we didn’t meet the AIESEC 2015 goals set for 2012, excepting for TLP. TMP 85%, IGCDP 86%, OGCDP 93%, IGIP 72% and OGIP 81%. In the total amount of Exchanges we achieve 86% of the goal and overall Experiences we achieved 88%. The gaps that still remain must be cover during 2013 because we still have some from 2011, otherwise 2015 will start to be far, really far.


4. Recognitions

We finish the year with two big awards.

  • ING Global Absolute Contribution.
  • UBS Global Excellence Award.

Also some LCs were recognized during NPM.

  • National Excellence Award AIESEC Andes.
  • National Performance Award AIESEC Javeriana and AIESEC Andes.
  • National Entrepreneurship Award AIESEC EIA.

5. Globally.

This year in terms of global ranking we made an incredible work as well.

Overall Exchange Performance: We passed from TOP 9 in 2011 to TOP 5 in 2012.

IGCDP: From TOP 20 in 2011 to TOP 9 in 2012.

OGCDP: From TOP 8 in 2011 to TOP 4 in 2012.

IGIP:  From TOP 7 in 2011 to TOP 8 in 2012.

OGIP: From TOP 7 in 2011 to TOP 6 in 2012.

TMP:  From TOP 2 in 2011 to TOP 3 in 2012.

TLP: We keep the global TOP 4 in 2012.

Overall Total of Experiences Delivered: We keep the global TOP 4 in 2012.


From the National Office we are extremely happy for all this achievements in this year, and we are completely sure about the 2013. Thank you AIESEC in Colombia for deliver so far the most incredible year in history of AIESEC in Colombia. Special thanks to all EB members and LCPs Excel who next to the membership made an excellent work. Also thanks to the National Management from the MC BOOST and MC START who together are guaranteeing sustainability and impact to our Country.





About the Author
Gato’s is constantly activating leadership within this team and also on one of the most important stakeholders in the organization (LCP) to inspire more young people trough actions, in order to scale and grow our brand promise fulfillment within the colombian youth.
  • Miguel Angel Gonzalez

    So proud of AIESEC in Colombia and all our membership! real agents of change! :) Happy new year

  • DianaMonsalve

    Excelent job! Iim glad to belong to this AIESEC in Colombia generation.